The Nostalgist

A father and son struggle to stay together in a dangerous world.
by Giacomo Cimini
17 Min / USA



The Nostalgist is based on a short story by Daniel H Wilson (Robopocalypse) and was created as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised £32,000.

The film begins with a father and son playing chess in their cosy Victorian-era home. After some trouble with his glasses, the father leaves to get new ones, and both are thrust into a nightmare. Moving between two worlds, the film uses the contrast between them to tell a dark, thrilling and sad story about the lies we tell ourselves and to the people we love. The relationship between a man and the machine he builds is paternal, but also filled with awareness that the machine inherit all your flaws. The same can be extended to your biological offspring.

The scale of this short is really amazing. Every location is painstakingly created and peopled, costumed and set-designed. The set design, costume and lighting budget itself would top that of most short films of the year. It all helps to bring together a thrilling wonderful world on-screen.