Time Machine

A heart-warming coming of age story about love, loss & time travel.
by Arati Kadav
39 Min / India

IndianSci-FiRomanceFantasyBed Time StoriesDrama


TM_pos3Time Machine is 40 minute romantic, science fiction story that deal with love, childhood and growing up. It stars Siddharth Menon, Twinkle Patel, Lovleen Mishra and Anjum Rajabali.

Usually this is the place we write reviews about the film we feature every week-although they are never really reviews. We see our job as providing a context for the film that you just saw, a personal observation, a perspective or even an associative memory. That "click" sound when your emotional frequency picks up on a films resonance is incredibly special moment for all movie-watchers. I think, once you put plot and story aside, that moment, when you listen to a voice and understand what it is saying, is why we watch films.

We can't talk about Time Machine, the film featured here in the same way because it was madeTM_post2 by us-the guys who write on and run this platform. We see it with the objectivity of seeing something from the wrong end of a telescope: something incredibly far from us now that it going out to the world, but still very close and personal.  But hopefully you will see the resonance in Time Machine of all the other films we have featured here: the shot taking of A Man Without A Head, the wacky sensibilities of The Centrifuge Brain Project and the quiet heart-break of Gulmohar. And many, many others. These films made us, gave us confidence to make the films we wanted to make, to toy with ideas that
seemed too ambitious or strange or impossible in our budgets. Time Machine was made by a superb team of very talented individuals, people who brought a part of themselves to the film and left it for you guys to see.

In the coming months and years, we will be making many more short narratives, and in our small way, helping incredible films reach out to maximum people. We started with the vision of changing the attitude towards short form narrative in this country and this is the first step towards it.