3rd Eye Cult Murder

A found-footage riff that uses the POV of a police crime-scene camera to excellently startling effect.
by Todd Spence
3 Min / USA



While there are quite a few quarantine films that are doing the rounds, this one thriller horror with a startling effect is a must watch for horror fans and general audience likewise. Infact if one wasn't told that it's a quarantine film, one could have taken this to be a film shot in regular times as well.

The whole film is shot like a found footage, a policeman walks into a crime scene to video record the murder of 2 old folks. One could also say it is a good three and half minute of well staged single shot horror. The restraint shown by the director Todd Spence while at the same time revisiting all the tropes are really is really worth mentioning. It makes a fun watch :)!