Launching ShortFilmWindow Evenings with Seven 90 minute playlists by Arati Kadav

August 28th, 2015

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 IMG_6509-2At ShortFilmWindow we have been constantly organizing offline screenings where we package interesting films together for an awesome 90 minutes experience.

With their super success - we came up with the idea of making these screenings universally available for everyone with the concept of ShortFilmWindow Evenings - A set of well structured, intelligent 90 minute playlists of awesome films that can provide some nice evening entertainment!

So the next time you have an evening off with your gang, or are home alone with your mom or want some OTT horror, or some soul nourishing beautiful films -sit back, relax and trust us with your evenings here:

Following are the 7 playlists we are launching right now:

1) Blockbuster and Always HouseFull:     

These set of films have been played repeatedly and have always been super popular. It has successfully worked on diverse audience set and it is a great starter playlist for people new to Short Films.

2) Award Winning Indian Shorts:

These are some really cool well-made shorts from various corners of India and tells us something about ourselves. These again have resulted in numerous successful screening repeatedly and all these films will touch you and entertain you successfully.:

3) Mom and Family:

If you are with your mom on a break and want to make her watch something new, these set of films will truly entertain her and make her smile. And they work well with you too :):

4) Bro Movies:

Bunch of guys, drunk, want to watch films. Go here:

5) Soul Nourishing:

World's best films dealing with things that you think about when you are alone or when you sitting on a beach or looking out of your window seat. A really beautiful collection.

6) Ghosts and Screams:

Horror, thriller, edge of the seat stuff:

7) First Love and other Stories:

Romance, true love with a dose of humor:

Well we are pilot testing other interesting playlists e.g Drunk Girl GangKeep My Kids Busy so keep watching this space for more. All the above playlists and many more can be found here.


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Date Night

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