Bunny - Trailer and Synopsis

It's a matter of great prestige that Megha Ramaswamy's next short film Bunny is selected in TIFF 2015.

bunnyHer previous film NewBorns was showcased in TIFF 2014. Here we present a brief trailer of her haunting, beautiful film Bunny.  

Official Synopsis: Bunny is an elegiac look at how fantastical childhood is, and evocative of the heartbreak with which we leave it behind. Wreathed in surrealist imagery, the story is about a little girl and her pet toy, Bunny. One rainy afternoon, it is discovered that Bunny has, shockingly, 'died'. In a flurry of desperate imagineering, the girl enlists the help of a boy -- a boy she may or may not have made up inside her head -- and sets off on an adventure. Inside the world she conjures up, there is room for blood and marbles, goldfish bowls and treasure maps and one faithful dog... and all is never quite as it seems. How can the girl go on living without Bunny? Or can she choose not to?

The trailer presents uniquely crafted poetic images and Megha in her remarkable style gently enters the mindspace of her characters. Both in NewBorns and Bunny, Megha has managed to successfully create an illusion of other-worldliness and she is one of the strongest voices emerging from India. We wish Bunny a successful festival run. It will be online for a week in September. Stay tuned !

The film is produced by Shimit Amin under his banner MissFit Films.