An obedient and suppressed Indian housewife in a lower middle class family, breaks the monotony of her life with a mere 'sip' of tea.
by Utsav Sarkar
Hindi, Marathi
14 Min / India



Impeccably performed and superbly casted, Chuski is one of those rare authentic gems that tells a profound story in the most simple way.

Sangita is a middle aged housewife in a lower middle class household in Mumbai. Her entire life is limited to the 12/12 apartment and has selflessly contributed to her family all her life. She has found solace in the monotony of it.

Her contributions are often overlooked by her husband Rajeshwar and her clumsy behavior leads to her forgetting things. She has not been able to serve her husband a perfect tea for the longest time! She still has hope in her life that the spice of her marriage would revive sometime. But it is the same cup of tea which leads to a revelation that makes her question all her own set of beliefs. Will she be able to cope with the sudden break of monotony?

The film is directed by Utsav Sarkar and produced by the lead actress Shital Desai who has performed really well. Utsav Sarkar is a screenwriter, director, playwright and actor. After completing his MA in Theatre performing arts, Utsav has been working both in the field of theatre and film for around half a decade. He has worked under prominent personalities like Sai Paranjpye, Prakash Jha, Nadira Babbar, Sanjay Upadhyay to name a few.

Utsav tells us that the knack of telling stories that mirror society by subtly tickling the funny bone is something that drives him immensely. He has been writing for several web platforms and features lately. He is the writer of the web show ‘The Lineup’, based on the poetry circuit of Mumbai.