Just that Sort of A Day

A unique film that talk about lives of 3 random characters.
by Abhay Kumar
14 Min / India



"In memory of whom we are, for hope of who will be tomorrow, from the nothingness that we are today."

JTSOD peeps into the lives of random characters with their doubts, quirks and misgivings. As these characters hang in timeless space - they gaze at the universe through letters, galaxies, parapets, and fishbowls.

It won the National Award for best narration in non feature film, 2012 and best film at Busan, NYIFF and Regensburg Short Film Festival. It went for competition in Tribeca, Chicago IFFLA, Gulf Film Festival and International film festival of Rotterdam.

This film is largely a parable, sort of a poem on existential dilemmas and questions and its drifting nature manages to suck you into the world of these characters which could very possibly be your world and their questions could be your questions. What do we think when we take a moment's pause in our life? What are the thoughts between the "gaps"? This film celebrates those thoughts, those questions and those leap of imaginations.

It has unique interesting rough illustrations, a novel treatment, and their roughness mirrors the roughness of our unformed, shapeless thoughts making the experience of watching the film completely intrinsic and resonating long after we have watched the film.

This film has remarkable sound design and is narrated beautifully talking about paradoxes - "Do the thoughts make people who they are or is it the other way around?". Its a timeless film and is a real documentation of the existential questions that the educated youth of India are asking. This film, in a way, ushers in the new wave of Indian cinema, with its own unique form and own unique questions. A must watch.