The Brain Hack Project

Two students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God, and find themselves hunted by a deadly religious sect.
by Joseph White
19 Min / UK



Is God just a cerebral malfunction? In this audacious and nerdy film, a computer science major and a film major get together to create the vision of God by creating a series of images.

With its complex narrative and interesting visual style, the film uncovers the plot which soon becomes a thriller and these students start getting followed by religious sects. The film ends with a great twist that you dont see coming. The film should be watched not just for these Neurotheological Experiments but also for the exceptional hard work the director has put in. On the face value it is a simple film, 2 actors, a few locations - but unusal narrative and a very kinetic style of film making, makes it feel much shorter than it's official running time of 19 minutes.

The large-scale success and believability of the film can also be attributed to really well-done VFX and great performances by the two leads - Alexander Owen and Edward Franklin who do a great job bringing the desires, thoughts, and anxieties of the characters to life.

The Brain Hack has received over 230,000 views in the 1st few weeks of being online. And has been translated into 6 different languages. Probably, one of the success stories as far as online short films is concerned, it also has been part of many festivals.

Our team was pretty divided on it, but for lots of guys online, this is one of the coolest short films they have seen. You can read the interview of the diretor in our InFocus section :).