The Passing

The humans of the future have embraced an AI controlled utopia. At the age of 25 they are put to sleep and sent to explore the solar system.
by AnKur Kapoor
10 Min / India



The Passing is a very rare short film that has come out of India.

At the core of it, it is a pro-exploration propaganda piece from a future where an Artificial Intelligence runs the world and humans are allowed to enjoy their life and freedoms till they turn 25 , after which they have to make a choice - to euthanise themselves or to go in a perpetual cryogenic sleep and shot into space to look for other habitable world.

The passing speaks about what happens when two such pods cross eachother, and that is the part that makes this straight-up mock-umentary a very poetic one. 

The film begins with a 25th birthday celebration as a woman who  prepares herself for cryogenic sleep to be shot into space. Before we follow her story, we see a documentary of how we came to this over the years and the director Ankur Kapoor has done a wonderful job, mixing real footage (they had thier own robot) and archival footage to create a convincing documentary that sounds super legit.

Once that is over the poetry starts as the female subject who was shot up, starts floating, passes Saturn and other planets in the solar system, and it finds another pod. The film is brief and beautiful. Do watch.


It is directed by Ankur Kapoor, who is a self-confessed sci-fi obsessed independent filmmaker from Chandigarh, currently living in Goa where he is working on his first feature film.

We will be publishing his interview soon.