Total Internal Reflection

In this horror film, a photographer comes home to find his autistic brother has seen something nobody should have
by Rahul Prakash
11 Min / India



total internal reflection (n):
the complete reflection of a light ray reaching an interface with a less dense medium when the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle.

A photographer rushes out for work, promising his autistic brother that he will return with dinner. The slamming of the door causes a box to drop at the brother's feet. And the brother sees something that changes him. The film expands on this unusual premise and reaches for some really dark moments. In simple terms, this is a horror film, about the ghost of a woman who haunts an apartment. But the addition of a photographer filled with violence, the ideas thrown into the mix, the very intelligent use of reflective surfaces and compositions give the film a very visceral & strange flavor. This is unlike any horror short you will see this year and it has a killer last shot.

A photographer pours himself into the images he captures and something of the images remains in him too. People search for a reflection of what is inside them in the outer world, their guilt in other people's eyes, their anger in the actions of others people. Because without this justification of yourself, you are stuck in the prison of your own mind, like a ray of light banging of the four walls without any way of getting out.